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Project duration: 6 months
Projectvorm: Fixed price
Period: spring-autumn 2016
Activities: Idea, proof of concept, design electronics and firmware, prototyping, production, support & warranty
Technologies: STM32 Cortex M3, CAN-bus, C, high-current, LiFepo4 charging, DipTrace, EmBits, Meanwell


The Off-Grid energy system monitoring and management solution consists of smart batteries amongst others. A disadvantage of these smart batteries is that they don't go very well with modern-day off the shelf 'smart' battery chargers.

29V/16A Battery charger

To get round the problem of batteries outsmarting the charger, we have developed a 'simple' constant-voltage/constant-current power supply. This power supply is based on a standard MeanWell 24V/500W industrial din-rail power supply. With some additional electronics, the existing control loop is modified to have an electronic potmeter in the voltage feedback and an extra control loop between the feedback opto-coupler and the current sense resistor.


  • Voltage adjustable from 24.0V to 30.0V
  • Current limit adjustable from 1.0A to 16.0A
  • Remote on/off control
  • Remote programming of setpoints and readback of actual values
  • Non-volatile voltage and current settings
  • CAN-based OGS control® bus to connect with an OGS control® Master

Agentschap NL
Gerealiseerd onder het innovatieprogramma WBSO

ARM Cortex M3

'OGS control' is a registered trademark of Reijneveld Machinebouw B.V.